Can Blogging be a Full Time Job in 2022: The Truth Behind the Dream

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Writing in your blog can be a fun hobby, but can blogging be a full time job? We all want to believe that blogging can make us rich and famous, but the truth is that most bloggers are not able to quit their day jobs.

When you start a blog to make money from it, you need to understand how much work will go into maintaining your blog and monetizing it.

This is the dream of many bloggers and can be the goal for others. In this post, we will explore the question: can blogging be a full time job?

What is blogging?

What is blogging?

Blogs are a place where people can share content with their opinions and thoughts. The articles can be about anything, from the news to opinion pieces and everything in-between. The most interesting thing about blogs is that they are open spaces for anyone who has something to say.

Nowadays, bloggers are people who work by writing on blogs and posts what they think is important, informing or entertaining their readers. But at the end of the day, blogs are popular, a lot of fun to create, are an important part of a content marketing strategy, and they’re easy to use for many people around the world.

Can blogging be a full time job?

Can blogging be a full time job?

There have never been this many opportunities available for people who want to work on starting their own blog as there have been recently due to the popularity of blogging. If you can find a niche that is not overpopulated yet, there are many ways to make money:

Selling your own products

When you have a blog that has followers, it’s much easier to sell your own products. A lot of people are looking for niche products, and you can sell them on your blog. Blogging is a great way to share with people what you like or know about so it’s easy to make money from this!

Many online stores will help you create an eCommerce site where they take care of everything so you can just upload and keep it up!

Starting an affiliate program with other companies

You can partner with other companies that have a product that you love and offer it on your blog. This is typically done by signing up for the company’s affiliate program, which will provide you with banners or text links to use in order to promote their products from time to time. When someone clicks through one of these ads and makes a purchase, you get the commission and so does the company.

Many small companies will pay your blog to post about their products or services. It’s not uncommon for businesses to offer this service, and it can be a great way of earning money from blogging!

Sponsored Reviews

Reviews are also a great way to make money from blogging! You can offer up your own opinions on products or services in exchange for freebies (products) and payment. When someone sponsors you with an item, it’s important that they are introduced on your blog and that you provide an honest review of the product!

Selling Photos

You can offer up photos for sale if you’re a photographer. You might want to consider selling stock photography or photographs with copyright release. These types of photos are easier to sell than those without such protections in place which require more work to sell.

Selling an eBook

The blogger writes a book, or parts of it, to sell on their website for people who are looking for a product like that. They will then promote this new work through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter to increase the chance of someone purchasing it from them. If you’re interested in this then you could write about whatever topic interests you!

If people like what they read, there’s a good chance that they will buy the product in order to get even more information on that topic.

Getting sponsored by brands or agencies

A lot of brands are now looking for bloggers to represent them on their sites by endorsing a product. These products can be clothing, food items, or anything else! If you have a substantial following on your blog, brands or agencies might reach out to you and offer sponsorship.

Brands will typically offer you free samples in exchange for your promotion and it’s important that you mention the relationship when discussing those products so people know why they’re receiving information from you. It’s not uncommon for bloggers to make six-figure incomes by getting sponsored!

Doing freelance writing

Freelance writing is another great way to make money blogging! You can write about topics in your field and get paid per article. It’s also not uncommon for writers or bloggers to receive equity stakes when they work with a company. This means that you’ll share the future profits of the said company when they give their payouts.

Receiving pay-per-click advertising revenue

Google AdSense is a popular advertising company that connects with bloggers. When you apply for their program, Google will place ads on your site and pay you every time someone clicks through to one of the advertised products from your blog post!

You can also partner with other networks that are looking for quality sites or blogs to advertise brands or companies. Bloggers are typically paid per click-through. So if someone clicks the ad and makes a purchase from that company then you will receive payment.

How to blog for a living?

How to blog for a living?

Bloggers can make anywhere from $0 to over six figures and everything in between per year. The average blogger makes around $64,595 per year in the United States according to Glassdoor. However, the highest-earning bloggers are making upwards of six figures in annual income.

This may not seem like much when you think about what doctors or lawyers make but it is great for an individual who wants to stay at home with their family instead of working outside all day long every day of the week. Here are a few types of bloggers that you might be interested in becoming.

Freelance blogging

Where the blogger takes on assignments from different companies in order to make money from blogging.

Bloggers write sponsored posts where brands offer a blogger free products in exchange for promoting them on their blog and reviews where the blogger reviews and shares opinions about different brands, businesses, or services that they use.

There must be an honest review when someone wants to receive payment for their work.

If you want to get started as a freelance blogger, then we recommend using Grammarly to help you along the way!

Online teaching

The teacher takes on students and charges them a monthly subscription fee for lessons. The blogger creates content and offers a course for people to purchase in order to learn some new skill or get better at something. This can include blogging, photography, cooking, etc. Although you can’t just dive in and do this type of blogging because you need teaching experience and certification of some sort (such as an MBA).

Online coaching

The blogger provides coaching services for people who are looking for help with their goals or life changes, such as weight loss or business success. This requires the person to be licensed since it is not legal to provide counseling without a license.

Corporate blogging

The corporate blogger is employed by a company, often as an in-house employee. The blog can be about anything related to the business and they must be truthful when blogging for their employer since lying could get them fired or put the company at risk.

Professional speaker

The professional speaker speaks at different events all over the world and offers a talk about something they are knowledgeable in. Topics can range from technology trends to social media strategy.


Can Blogging be a Full Time Job in 2022 - The Truth Behind the Dream Conclusion

Blogging can be more than just a source of income; whether your blog is about food travel, fashion photography, or anything else that interests you, blogging can lead to living the life of your dreams and doing what you love each day.

It is very profitable and it offers freedom like no other profession out there today. You can start your own schedule according to what works best for you which means working from home or while traveling.

So, can blogging be a full time job? Yes! As long as you have an internet connection, a laptop, and some basic skills in graphic design then you can become a blogger!

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